You live in a time where it’s incredibly important to filter which messages actually matter and which don’t. Thousands of messages rain down on you every day via a wide variety of channels. In phases of uncertainty, the amount multiplies again.

More productivity with fewer messages

As an investor in Towing San Jose CA, it is of course important to read and analyze news. It’s only when you read everything you get on the table or in your e-mail inbox that it becomes impossible to focus on the core tasks. In this respect, it is of great significance to set up a filter to differentiate spam from really informative and good news. If you happen to process only half the information, you already double your productivity.

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Is the business article based on data or opinion?

Data from reliable primary sources, such as company figures from annual reports, and economic data are more valuable than statements and opinions from individuals that are not based on hard facts. Data-related statements are more reliable and, above all, verifiable. This means you can check the source of the data yourself and substantiate the arguments or maybe even collect additional or contrary facts.

Have your own opinion

The most important point, however, is to have your own opinion. If you haven’t formed your own opinion about a company or an event, it’s much easier to be swayed by irrelevant information. If you have formed your own impression, then only constructive arguments can ensure that you change your perspective.

This also applies to shares. Before you buy any stock, you should have your own hypothesis that is measurable and can be tested. This is the only way you can track over time whether your assessment is correct and whether the company is on the right track. Even with your own investment hypothesis, you won’t be swayed by bad information because you’re better informed. Looked at the other way around, only then do you recognize good information that expands your knowledge and thus increases the probability of a correct assessment.

The correct filtering of business news is an essential task in order to increase productivity and ultimately also the return on a sustainable basis.