We are currently living in the most uncertain times in the millennium. The pandemic caused by the Corona Virus has changed the way we meet, the way we invest, the way we buy and most specially the way we do business. There’s no doubt that this isn’t just the period when economies slow down. This is a period of change.






Success in business is met by fulfilling a need or want. No matter what industry you are catering to. If they are successful, that means you are successfully filling a demand. Businesses that have many clients solve problem that many people have. The more critical that problem is the more demand is going to be. This is the reason why people buy. They do it to fulfill their desire or need.

Here is a list of business that will boom up this year.

  1. Logistics and parcel delivery – The logistics market is estimated to boom for the next few years. This is a big industry and it’s continuing to get bigger.
  2. Health and Hygiene related businesses – Before the pandemic, it was perfectly normal to shake hands with people you just met, hold hands or hug and kiss friends. These days’ people are very concern with having physical contact with anyone. They make sure to sanitize at all times. Many use “safety” as the selling point to convince people to buy their products.