A lot of businesses were affected by the Covid-19 outbreak. Unless, you are operating online then most probably you are in a “business as usual” status. But for the land-based counterpart, reopening after the situation may be a bit of a challenge. To overcome this, it will be necessary to place an effective communication plan in spreading the message among your customers.

As several businesses are preparing to reopen, among the biggest questions they are trying to figure out is how to communicate their plans to their consumers effectively? Business owners should not just update their audience on the availability of their product and/or service or about their hours of operation. It is imperative for businesses as well to explain new safety and health protocols that they put in place to prevent the spread of the virus even further.

Communication is the Secret

Communication ought to be done right. This is critical to the overall success of your business, especially during the post-pandemic that the world is experiencing. The reason for this is that, consumers are seeking for businesses that would make them feel secure and safe. So, if you are an entrepreneur and planning for a communication strategy of announcing about your reopening, then considering the tips below may help you out nail it!

Create a Unified Message for several Channels

Many communication experts do agree that whatever message is sent today must be relevant, considerate, timely and empathetic of the customer’s current problems and needs.

So prior to any announcements you are planning to make, meet with your staff to have assurance that everyone has thoroughly understood the message you are about to send out.

After having the core message in place, this is when you can start creating a copy as well as creative assets for the platforms below:

Website – you have to update your homepage so your protocols and plans for reopening are at the center and upfront when your customers start searching for you. In case your website has a live chat feature, you might want to set automated message that’ll pop-up recapping the most important information.

Social media channels – it is essential to create a series of posts for each platform that your business is using. This is going to be an effort on your end in consistently pushing the message leading to your business’ reopening. Providing frequent updates regarding your operations and staff shows that you’re back in business and proactively addressing consumer’s needs.