Most business understand the importance of Social media marketing but some struggle to know where to start. A big mistake for many businesses encounter is trying to tackle Social media all at once. We know it can be overwhelming for many especially for new entrepreneurs. It is important to take it slow, invest on the right one or two platforms that would work best for your business. If your goal is community and relationship building, you would want to focus first on Facebook. If you’re more focused on brand awareness and discovery, then Instagram may be best for you. Once you’ve chosen which platform you’re going to focus on, you will need to determine your content strategy. A big mistake that many business owners is to haphazardly post content.

Research show that more customers are actually going to go to your social media channels before they’re even checking out your website. So, you want to make sure that everything you post is in line with your brand’s mission and aesthetic. Be authentic to who you are. Show some personality. Social media is a great way to show a lighter side to you and your brand. Be sure to establish a voice and be sure that all brand messaging falls in line. Even if you’re a small business, you can create a really strong loyalty on social media as long as you stray consistent and transparent.