Just last week, good news have been fuming up the marijuana industry. To start with is the legislation of medical cannabis bills are passed in advance in Alabama and Kentucky. Meanwhile, in New Hampshire House, the bill to legalize the cultivation of cannabis for adults is already cleared. Moreover, the approval of the legislation that restrict non-residents from enrolling in the program related to medical cannabis is sending to the state government under Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham this week.

New Passed Bills for Marijuana Legalization

Here are the other states that already approved the legislation and legalization of marijuana. Basic ideas of finance should also be considered by these states.

1. New Mexico

S.B. 139 is a legislation that would restrict non-residents of the states to enrol in the state’s medical cannabis program.

This has been approved by the Senate of New Mexico. Most of the bill followers are hoping for the reversal of the bill. They wish to have a change in the said state law allowing qualified non-residents to acquire ID cards for medical cannabis within the state. The S.B. 139 has been approved this week and sending its legislation to the governor of the state.

2. Iowa

The very first meeting of the year by the Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Board was held. It focuses on the rejection to qualify the conditions of ADHD and panic disorder under the state’s medical cannabis program. In the said meeting, they also recommends to put restrictions on the level of purchasable THC. The current law of the state approved a 3% THC level under medical cannabis use. Iowa Board suggested for a change allowing patient to acquire 4.5 grams of THC within a period of 90 days.

3. Pennsylvania

New legislation for the legalization of adult-use cannabis within the state has been introduced by Rep. Jake Wheatley. The House Bill 2050 is planning to establish a licensing program for the growers of cannabis including the processors and even the dispensaries. House Bill 2050 has a goal to reduce the initial application and the fees for its licensing which would make the cannabis market more accessible for businesses.

4. New Hampshire

A new bill was approved by the House of Representatives with a vote of 236 over 112. This bill is intended to legalize the possession and cultivation of cannabis in limitation. Moreover, this would be applicable for adults 21 years old and above. The H.B. 1648 is similar to that of Vermont’s legalization law and is now sending for consideration under the Senate.

5. Washington

The House Bill of Washington aims to resolve the racial issue within the state’s marijuana industry.